Best Trampoline Tent For Your Backyard 2021

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When you’re looking to accessorize your backyard, no item provides more fun and excitement to children than a trampoline. And if you want to enhance your trampoline and improve its basic functions, buying a trampoline tent is the way to go.

Along with protecting you from the elements, a good trampoline tent can provide your children with the perfect setting for overnight camping or a sleepover.

The following serves as a comprehensive buying guide for trampoline tents in 2021.

Table of Contents

Things To Consider Before Buying A Trampoline Tent
Best Trampoline Tent 2021: Two Best Options
DIY Trampoline Tent
Trampoline Tent FAQs
– What Are They For?
Can You Put A Tent On A Trampoline?
– How Much Is A Trampoline Tent?
A Final Note: Trampoline Tent

Things To Consider Before Buying A Trampoline Tent

Before you purchase a trampoline tent, there are several things you should consider to make sure that your final purchasing decision is the right one.

✔ Trampoline Tent Usage

First, you should determine what the trampoline tent is going to be used for. Do you want it to function as a roof for the trampoline or as a camping tent?

Even though trampoline tents can provide some protection from the elements, it’s likely that precipitation will still get in on rainy days, which means that you shouldn’t necessarily use the trampoline while the weather is bad.

Two Little Kids Jumping On A Trampoline; Adding A Trampoline Tent Will Make It Even More Exciting.

In fact, the tent should be removed before any inclement weather passes through your area if you want the tent to remain in good condition. The main purpose of outfitting your trampoline with a tent is to have more fun with the trampoline, and getting rained on isn’t very much fun.

✔ Trampoline Size

Another consideration that you’ll want to take into account involves the overall size of your trampoline.

In order to choose the right tent cover for your trampoline, you must determine the diameter of your trampoline, which could be anywhere from 12-15 feet. If you have a trampoline that’s measured at 12 feet in diameter, the tent you purchase should also be 12 feet unless the tent accommodates larger trampoline designs.

With these two considerations in mind, you should be able to select a trampoline tent that meets your needs.

Best Trampoline Tent 2021: Two Best Options

While there are many great tents that you can add to your trampoline, there are two options that are ahead of the rest and are your best bets for a trampoline tent in 2021.

Both the Acon Trampoline Tent and the JumpSport Trampoline Tent provide users with a great combination of function and aesthetics.

1. JumpSport Trampoline Tent

The JumpSport Trampoline Tent is another fantastic tent that gets the number two spot for 2021.

With an 11-foot diameter, this tent only comes in one size but is outfitted with numerous features that make the tent unique when compared to the competition.

Two Girls Playing On A Trampoline With A Tent In The Middle.


The main benefits of selecting the JumpSport Trampoline Tent include:

✅ The tent comes with a unique no-pole safety design.

✅ The tent has a visually appealing color scheme that should go well with any trampoline.

✅ This trampoline tent works well with your safety enclosure system.

✅ Installing this trampoline tent takes only a few minutes to complete.

Above all, the JumpSport Trampoline Tent is a highly rated product that will meet all of your needs.


There aren’t many issues with the JumpStart Trampoline Tent, which is why it has taken the number one spot.

❌ Designed For Specific Trampolines

The main issue with this tent is that it has been designed solely for AlleyOOP and JumpSport round trampolines. It must also be used with AlleyOOP safety enclosures.

Before you purchase a JumpSport Trampoline Tent, it’s important that you determine if you have the right trampoline and safety enclosure.


The JumpSport Trampoline Tent has an 11-foot diameter and a 5.5-foot height. It will arrive in a box that weighs approximately six pounds.

The tent is designed to appear like a real tent with one door and three windows. The windows and door are all screened to provide ample ventilation. It also has a fabric floor that offers additional comfort.

You’ll find that the tent can be installed on your trampoline in three minutes or less.

Remember: This tent is only compatible with classic and elite JumpSport tents that range in size from 12-14 feet. Make sure that you have an AlleyOOP safety enclosure before purchasing this tent.

The tent is not made with waterproofing materials, which means that you should take it down if a sizable thunderstorm or snowstorm is about to move through your area.

As for the warranty, you’ll find that this tent comes with a 90-day warranty that applies to all components.

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Check prices for the JumpSport Trampoline Tent on Amazon by clicking here.

Know Before You Buy

Before you purchase this trampoline tent, there are some things that you should be aware of.

? No-Pole Safety Design

First of all, the tent has a no-pole safety design, which means that no one will be injured if ever the tent collapses. When your children are jumping on the trampoline, the lack of poles means that an errant jump shouldn’t cause injury.

The only downside to not having poles in the design is that the tent isn’t the sturdiest option on the market.

Four Older Kids Jumping On A Trampoline.

? A Safety Enclosure Net With Poles Are Necessary For Installation

Remember that enclosure poles will be necessary before the trampoline tent can be fully installed. The trampoline tent will attach to the safety enclosure poles.

? Bungee Cords Are Helpful

When taking a look at the installation requirements, it will be very helpful to have several bungee cords that can be directly attached to the trampoline floor before being lifted to the top portion of the tent.

2. Acon Trampoline Tent

Another great trampoline tent to consider is the Acon Trampoline Tent. This is a premium tent that can be used for playing or when hosting a sleepover.

This specific trampoline tent was designed to be easy to install, which ensures that anyone can set it up without running into time-consuming problems.

The ACON Trampoline Tent.


The main benefits of the Acon Trampoline Tent are:

✅ This tent is made from high-quality materials.

✅ The installation process is simple and straightforward.

✅ This trampoline tent comes with a safety enclosure.

We can confidently say that this trampoline tent is a great product. Acon is a well-known trampoline manufacturer that boasts an excellent reputation with customer reviews to back it up.


Because the Acon Trampoline Tent is among the best tents around, you likely won’t have many issues when using the tent.

❌ The Tent Must Be Removed Often

The main problem that some owners have when using this trampoline tent is that the tent enclosure must be removed completely every time you install it on your trampoline. However, the ease of installation means that this shouldn’t take up too much of your time.


Before you buy the Acon Trampoline Tent, you should be aware of the tent specifications. As mentioned previously, it’s important that you select a tent size that matches the size of your trampoline.

If you decide to purchase this tent, you will have three size options at your disposal, which include 12, 14, and 15 feet options. While the 12-foot and 14-foot options weigh around 20 pounds, the 15-foot tent weighs upwards of 23 pounds.

Once the tent has been set up, you’ll find that it has a height of around 4.6 feet off of the trampoline mat. When you purchase this tent, you’ll receive the tent, poles, brackets, and a storage bag where you can keep the tent when it’s not being used.

Keep in mind that this specific tent also comes with a one-year warranty that allows you to have the tent replaced for free if it stops functioning properly.

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You can check prices for the Acon Trampoline Tent on Amazon by clicking here.

Know Before You Buy

The Acon Trampoline Tent is considered to be one of the best trampoline tents on the market because of its fantastic functionality and high durability. This tent is made with premium materials that allow it to be used extensively without needing to worry about standard wear and tear.

? Three Different Size Options

Because there are three size options that you can select from with this tent, there’s a good chance that it will fit your trampoline without issue.

? Unique Design

This particular tent has a very unique design when compared to other trampoline tents.

Even though the tent needs a few poles to remain standing, all that’s required of you is to unfold the tent, which means that the poles don’t need to be removed and installed every time you take the tent off of the trampoline.

A Trampoline Ready For A Trampoline Tent.

Because of how sturdy the frame is, the tent can be held in the correct shape without requiring any extensions.

? Includes A Rain Cover

Keep in mind that this tent is outfitted with a rain cover that should protect against the elements. While you shouldn’t remain in the tent while it’s raining, the rain cover may be enough to keep the interiors of the tent from being damaged.

? Screen Entrances And Windows

The screened entrance doors and windows on the tent ensure that insects and bugs don’t get in while a sleepover is ongoing. These screened areas also allow for optimal ventilation.

As touched upon previously, the enclosure will need to be removed before you begin installing the tent. The enclosure is designed to cover the entirety of the tent frame, which is why removal is necessary.

DIY Trampoline Tent

There are several different ways to create a DIY trampoline tent; some requiring more work and tools than others.

If you’re in the mood to pull up your sleeves and build a castle out of your kids’ backyard trampoline, then here are two of your most viable options:

DIY Idea #1

This DIY trampoline tent is the easier method of the two we will cover. To create this trampoline tent, you will need a few supplies and possibly some additional help from others.

What You’ll Need

How To Make It

Drape the tarp over the trampoline. Secure the tarp to the trampoline. You’ll use the rope to attach the tarp to the trampoline’s metal poles. To attach the tarp to the net, use the twine.

This will help to keep the trampoline net from getting damaged.

This DIY trampoline tent idea isn’t as crafty as the one we will talk about below. It will simply cover the top of the trampoline; to cover the sides of the trampoline, you would need additional tarps.

DIY Idea #2

DIY trampoline tent idea #2 is much better than the first one, but it will take a lot more time and energy. When finished, this trampoline tent will resemble a fairytale castle.

What You’ll Need

How To Make It

Use this step-by-step Youtube tutorial to create this fairytale trampoline tent:

Trampoline Tent FAQs

Trampoline tents aren’t a very common product or accessory to purchase for trampolines (although they should be), which means there isn’t a lot of information out there about them.

To answer all of your questions about trampoline tents, here are some of the most commonly asked questions:

What Are They For?

As mentioned previously, a trampoline tent has numerous functions that you and your family can take advantage of.

Jumping on a trampoline automatically helps with exercise and conditioning. A trampoline tent is also perfect for creating an enclosed fort during the day or a roomy tent for a nighttime sleepover. If you want to go on a camping trip without leaving home, a trampoline tent makes this possible.

Can You Put A Tent On A Trampoline?

It’s possible to camp on your trampoline if you use a tent that’s been designed to match the exact specifications of the trampoline in question.

If you have your own tent that wasn’t necessarily designed to be positioned on a trampoline, the trampoline likely wouldn’t accommodate it.

A Man's Legs and A Green Trampoline.

Keep in mind that some trampoline tents are only compatible with specific safety enclosures. These enclosures are required for both of the aforementioned tents. As such, it’s important that you purchase the right safety enclosure before making your decision on which tent to buy.

How Much Is A Trampoline Tent?

If you’re thinking about buying a trampoline tent for your home, the exact price that you pay depends on several factors, the primary of which is the size of the trampoline tent.

Larger sizes will invariably cost more than smaller ones.

Little Girl Jumping On Trampoline.

These tents are generally affordable and typically cost between $100-$200 if you want a premium trampoline tent. Lower quality tents can be found for $40-$60.

Any accessories that you require for tent installation will add to the overall cost.

A Final Note: Trampoline Tent

Both of the trampoline tents reviewed above provide users with an array of benefits that are only possible when you add a tent to your trampoline.

Whether you want to use the tent as a fort to have fun during the day or would like to use it for sleepovers, the Acon Trampoline Tent and JumpSport Trampoline Tent will provide you with everything you’re looking for.

The Acon Trampoline Tent is notable for being crafted from high-quality and durable materials that are made to last. The pole design that the tent has ensures that it can retain its shape even in relatively high winds.

As for the JumpSport Trampoline Tent, this tent has a modern no-pole design that puts safety first and significantly decreases the possibility that your children will get injured while using the trampoline. Because installation only takes a few minutes, it won’t feel like a hassle to get the tent ready whenever you want to have a sleepover.

No matter which trampoline tent you decide to purchase, you can be confident that you’ll be provided with an item that enhances the functionality of your trampoline.

Since both of these products offer limited warranties, you can also be certain that your investment will be protected. Once you’ve made this purchase, you’ll no longer need to worry about the blinding sun or inclement weather while enjoying your trampoline and all that it has to offer.

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