31 Outdoor Winter Toys For A Season of Fun

A View of Steamboat Springs, Colorado In The Winter.
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In 2021, more kids are spending time inside than ever before, especially during the winter months. Outdoor exploration is vital for childhood development, so we’ve got 31 solutions to help you convince them to get off the couch and out into the snow.

Here are the 31 best outdoor winter toys for kids in 2021:

31 Best Outdoor Winter Toys For 2021

I remember when I was a kid and my winter toys consisted of Tupperware from my mom’s pantry for building snow forts. Did you do this, too?

Well, in 2021, things have changed and toys have become a lot more complex. We’ve sorted through and tested the best outdoor winter toys for kids and we’ve created this extensive list:

**These toys are listed in no particular order.

1. Ski Snow Scooter

Ages: 6+
Price: $
Buy Here: GeoSpace Ski Snow Scooter
Customer Satisfaction: Good

Let’s start with an adventurous winter toy, the GeoSpace Ski Snow Scooter.

This outdoor winter toy is particularly fun for boys and girls that love sledding, snowboarding, skateboarding, or other extreme sports.

Boy Riding Down On A Snow Scooter Toy In Winter

Take it to the local sledding hill and watch your little ones zoom down with excitement on their new scooter.

The cool thing about the GeoSpace Ski Snow Scooter is that it’s versatile. Not only can your kids use it on snow, but they can use it on grass, sand, and even carpet.

And if mom or dad are feeling adventurous, they can give it a go, too! GeoSpace designed this toy for children and adults; the maximum weight capacity is 220 pounds.

Note: GeoSpace states that children should be at least six years old to use this ski scooter. With that said, younger children can use it with close parental support.

2. Perfect Snowman Decorating Kit

Ages: 3+
Price: $
Buy Here: Perfect Snowman Decorating Kit
Customer Satisfaction: Very Good

What is more classic than building a snowman in the winter? This activity has been around for decades and it still hasn’t gone out of style.

Little Girl Standing Proudly Next To Her Decorated Snowman From Her Decorating Snowman Kit.

To encourage your children to continue with this awesome tradition, Evelots has created the Perfect Snowman Decorating Kit to enhance your child’s imagination and get them excited about playing outside in the winter.

This kit is very affordable and comes with 16 different pieces to create the best-looking snowman your neighborhood has ever seen.

Note: The Perfect Snowman Decorating Kit includes small objects, which is why there is a minimum age limit of 3 years old.

The thing we love most about the Perfect Snowman Decorating Kit is that it can be a great way to get the entire family outside. Mom, dad, and all the kids can participate in making your snowman handsome.

If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase (which is unlikely), you can contact Evelots’ customer service department. They are very friendly and helpful.

3. Snow Block Mold

Ages: 3+
Price: $
Buy Here: Snow Block Mold
Customer Satisfaction: Very Good

Building forts, whether inside or outside, is always a hit with kids.

As a kid, I remember waiting anxiously for heaps of snow and a snow day so that I could create the coolest hideout with my friends.

So, let’s make igloo-making easier and faster for kids with a Snow Block Mold. As one of the simplest and cheapest outside winter toys, this one’s a no-brainer.

Two Boys Sitting In An Igloo Outside During Winter.

This Snow Block Mold by Flyer is approximately 10 x 5 x 7 inches, making it the optimal size for an igloo that can fit many children.

And the best part of all? This outdoor winter toy lasts for years.

To make things even more fun, get outside with your kids while fresh snow is falling and help them create the ultimate castle using this Snow Block Mold.

4. Flyer Wooden Sleigh for Kids

Ages: 18 months to 4 years
Price: $$
Buy Here: Flyer Wooden Sleigh For Kids
Customer Satisfaction: Good

For this toy, we’re switching over to fun winter activities for babies and toddlers because the sooner you can get them outside to play, the more likely they will be to continue playing outside as they grow.

The Flyer Wooden Sleigh For Kids is a great way to take the little ones on a tour of the neighborhood.

Little Girl Sitting In A Riding Winter Sleigh, One of The Best Outdoor Winter Toys For Kids.

The sleigh’s special design keeps the little ones dry and comfortable, which helps them stay warm on cold winter days.

Although the price point is a bit higher than other sleighs and sleds on this list, you’ll be paying for a quality wooden toboggan that doesn’t require assembly.

For best results, Flyer recommends that children 40 pounds and under should use this sleigh.

5. Baby Pull Sled

Ages: 9 months to 3 years
Price: $
Buy Here: Baby Pull Sled By TSL Sleds
Customer Satisfaction: Very Good

For a cheaper option to the wooden sleigh above, consider the Baby Pull Sled By TSL Sleds. This sled is designed for your child’s safety as it includes a comfortable and appropriately-sized back support and a safety belt.

A Red Baby Pull Sled, A Great Outdoor Winter Toy.

This is also a great outdoor winter toy for getting mom and dad outside too. Pull baby around the backyard or even in the park to stimulate curiosity for the outdoors.

We can confidently say that this sled is well-made and sturdy. We also love that it’s versatile; you can use the Baby Pull Sled By TSL Sleds indoors or outdoors.

6. Snow Saucer Sleds 3-Pack

Ages: 4+
Price: $
Buy Here: Snow Saucer Sleds 3-Pack
Customer Satisfaction: Good

And now some winter sled options for older kids! We have found that the Snow Saucer Sleds 3-Pack by Flyer is the best bang for your buck.

While other sleds typically cost $20 apiece at your nearest store, this deal includes three sleds, meaning you’ll be paying nearly half as much. If you have several children in your family, this is a great value pack.

A Little Girl Riding Down A Snowy Hill in A Red Saucer Sled, An Excellent Outdoor Winter Toy For Kids.

My dad always used to tell me how they would slide down hills using metal sleds as kids and how fast they were. Well, skip the danger of using metal sleds and go with the plastic Flyer sleds that are just as fast but a heck of a lot safer.

We have also found that these sleds are very versatile. They are great for kids AND adults (up to 150 pounds).

In addition, these Snow Saucer Sleds can be used for defense during a snowball fight or to put a roof on your igloo.

7. Convertible Garden Wagon Sleigh

Ages: For babies, toddlers, and small children
Price: $$$
Buy Here: Convertible Garden Wagon Sleigh
Customer Satisfaction: Very Good

Similar to Flyer’s Wooden Sleigh option mentioned above, the Convertible Garden Wagon Sleigh provides the same kind of fun but for older children.

This two-in-one deal will get you a wagon AND a sleigh. Yes, you heard that right! This is a convertible toy that has many uses.

A Convertible Wagon/Snow Sleigh.

During the summer, attach the wheels and you’re well on your way. As the snow begins to fall, remove the wheels and switch them out for skis. This process takes just minutes to complete.

Millside Industries did an amazing job with this Convertible Garden Wagon Sleigh, as many customers report positive feedback. Not to mention, this wagon sleigh was built to last for years and years.

Sure, you’ll pay a bit more for this outdoor winter toy than other toys on our list, but you’ll get your money’s worth.

8. The Big Dig Excavator

Ages: 3+
Price: $
Buy Here: The Big Dig Excavator
Customer Satisfaction: Very Good

Although the Big Dig Excavator was created for digging in sand and dirt, it also serves another purpose: shoveling snow!

Pick up the Big Dig Excavator for your little boy or girl and assign them the task of clearing your driveway. Trust me; this will be a huge hit in your household.

The Big Dig Excavator Is A Great Outdoor Toy For Summer or Winter.

One of the neatest things about this toy (heavy-duty equipment, if your kids ask) is that it was built with quality materials that make it look and feel real. While other toys lack realistic features, Reeves International (the manufacturers) made every effort to include them.

So, make your kid’s dream of owning a “tractor” become a reality and let them enjoy the Big Dig Excavator year-round.

9. Vikings of The Northern Lights Game

Ages: 5+
Price: $
Buy Here: Vikings of The Northern Lights Game
Customer Satisfaction: Good

Spend a day outside with the entire family playing the Vikings of The Northern Lights Game. This game is suitable for year-round use, but it’s especially fun in the winter.

A Family Playing An Outdoor Winter Game Together.

Since we can’t explain the game in a way that portrays just how fun it is, imagine racing to collect different treasures before the other players do. It’s a unique game that will have the kids begging for more time outside, even during the winter!

Children will be forced to use their imaginations during this game, which doesn’t hold for iPad games and TV shows.

The game typically lasts for 30 to 90 minutes, a great timeframe to play outside before returning to the fireplace for some hot chocolate.

Note: Many customers recommend playing this game in the dark for added mystery and excitement.

10. Winter Addition Giant Bubble Kit

Ages: 3+
Price: $
Buy Here: Winter Addition Giant Bubble Kit
Customer Satisfaction: Very Good

Both younger and older kids will be fascinated by this giant bubble kit that’s perfect for outdoor play during winter.

A girl standing in the snow playing with a bubble wand in winter, which is one of the best outdoor winter toys for kids.

The enclosed instructions are easy to follow and the included bubble concentrate is easy to mix. WOWMAZING (the manufacturing company) includes some of the best bubble wands on the market, known to make world-record-like giant bubbles.

For even more excitement, the bubble wands have cold-activated stickers, which will motivate your kids to get outside and play even when it’s cold.

These cold-activated stickers appear on the sides of the wands when the temperature drops below 50º F.

We especially love this outdoor winter toy because it is fun for all ages, including adults! Get outside with your kids this winter and have fun creating massive bubbles and endless memories.

Note: WOWMAZING is an awesome company that donates a portion of its profits to autism research.

11. Ring Toss Outside Game

Ages: 12 months and up
Price: $
Buy Here: Ring Toss Game
Customer Satisfaction: Very Good

The Elite Sportz Ring Toss Game is one of the best outdoor winter toys for kids of all ages. It’s an outside game that doesn’t need any batteries or electricity, making it so much easier for mom and dad.

A ring toss game with five pegs and several rings for outdoor play even during winter.

This low-maintenance toy will keep your family entertained in the backyard while they compete against each other to get the most points.

Not to mention, you can use it during any season: fall, winter, spring, and summer. Whether you’re playing a game of ring toss at the summer BBQ, while camping with your family, or during a cold winter evening, its versatility will pay for itself.

And if you’re anything like us, you’ll love how easy this game is to set up. Within three minutes, your kids will have an exciting and fun outdoor toy for winter.

12. Remote Control Water Proof/Snow Friendly Car

Ages: 8+
Price: $
Buy Here: Remote Control Snow Friendly Car
Customer Satisfaction: Good

Remote control cars are always a favorite amongst kids. With this RC car, you’ll be able to bring the excitement of remote-controlled vehicles into winter.

A Green RC Car; A Great Toy To Use Even Outdoors During Winter.

This car, made by FREE TO FLY Store, is waterproof, making it perfect for playing in the snow that usually would make other cars short circuit.

Whether your kids are boys or girls, they’ll both love taking the RC car out for a spin in the snow. In particular, they will love the tricks that this car can do; from jumps to 360º spins, this outdoor winter toy can do it all.

We believe you’ll especially like that this RC car isn’t too expensive. While some remote control cars can cost upwards of $100, you can purchase this model for under $50.

Note: With your purchase, you’ll receive rechargeable batteries that can last up to 20 minutes.

13. Pop ‘N Catch Game

Ages: 3+
Price: $
Buy Here: Pop ‘N Catch Game
Customer Satisfaction: Good

The Pop N’ Catch Game by Geospace is a fun and easy game to play during any season, including winter.

A Pop 'N' Catch Game With Two Ping Pong Balls - One of The Best Outdoor Winter Toys On The Market.

From young kids who are learning how to throw and aim at targets to older kids that want some competition, this is a perfect game for the entire family.

Entertain up to four players with the Pop N’ Catch Game. But the best part is that it can be a one-player game too, so there’s no need for a crowd.

To play, simply click the launcher to release the ball into the air and use the cone-shaped nets to catch. It’s excellent for hand-eye coordination, so don’t be afraid to buy this outdoor winter toy for your younger kids, too.

We also loved that this game is so easy to pack up and store; it won’t clutter your garage and you can take it on family outings as well.

14. Monkey Bars Climbing Tower

Ages: 3 to 8 years
Price: $$$
Buy Here: Monkey Bars Climbing Tower
Customer Satisfaction: Very Good

We all know that monkey bars and swing sets are a fun toy for the summer months, but did you know they are just as entertaining in the winter?

A Yellow And Blue Monkey Bars Set.

The Monkey Bars Climbing Tower by Eezy Peezy is the perfect outdoor winter toy for toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids. Not only will it provide the exercise they need, but it will help build their hand-eye coordination skills.

To battle the rough weather in the winter, this climbing tower is built with freeze-resistant tubes to prevent rusting. Or, you can choose to bring it inside for the kids to escape the cold for a while.

And for any busy parents out there, we loved that the Monkey Bars Climbing Tower is so easy to assemble.

15. Kids-Sized Snow Shovel

Ages: 3 to 12 years
Prices: $
Buy Here: Kids-Sized Snow Shovel
Customer Satisfaction: Very Good

Believe it or not, sometimes all it takes to entertain the little ones is a shovel. With the Rocky Mountain Goods Kids Snow Shovel, kids can work for hours on end and pretend they’re experts at snow removal.

A Yellow Kids Sized Snow Shovel.

This is a great outdoor winter toy because it’s small and durable enough to be used year after year without breaking or wearing out. It’s perfect for young kids’ hands because it’s lightweight. The shovel measures 34 inches, the ideal length for even the smallest toddlers.

Rocky Mountain Goods promises a lifetime warranty on this snow shovel, so you can rest assured that your purchase is safe.

Note: This shovel even comes in handy for use in hard-to-reach spaces.

16. Monsta Trax Snowshoes

Ages: Kids up to 80 pounds
Price: $
Buy Here: Monsta Trax Snowshoes
Customer Satisfaction: Good

Another of the best outdoor winter toys is the Monsta Trax Snowshoes. These snowshoes are made out of a high-impact polymer material that will keep the kids playing outside for hours on end in the wintertime.

Monsta Trax Snowshoes Are One Of The Most Exciting Outdoor Winter Toys And A Great Way To Get The Kids Outdoors During Cold Temperatures.

To make things hassle-free, the Monsta Trax Snowshoes by the SportsStuff Store can fit any size shoe (up to 80 pounds).

Strap these to the kiddos and get them out exploring in the backyard, in the park, or at the sledding hill. An excellent outdoor winter toy for both boys and girls, these snowshoes are a perfect way to keep kids active and fit in the wintertime.

Your kids will also love that these snowshoes leave monster footprints in the snow; if that doesn’t get them outside during winter, we’re unsure what will.

Note: SportsStuff Store added several safety features to these snowshoes to assure that your kids are in danger.

17. Faux Snow

Ages: 4 months+
Price: $
Buy Here: Faux Snow
Customer Satisfaction: Very Good

We know how excited the kids can get when it snows for the first time each year. It’s easy to get them bundled up and outside, playing for hours.

But what about those days when it doesn’t snow at all? The fun of winter activities is lost without a little bit of this white stuff on the ground.

Faux Snow In A Bucket - One of the Best Outdoor Winter Toys For Kids.

Well, Be Amazing! Toys Store has come up with a solution for that. Faux snow! This artificial snow is snow polymer that expands and becomes (what looks like) real snow. Add some water and you’ll all set.

Keep this snow outside for play and science projects, or bring it inside for decoration during the holidays.

This particular bucket makes over two gallons of artificial snow for the days when the weather just doesn’t cooperate with your plans.

18. Water Table

Ages: 2 to 10 years
Price: $
Buy Here: Water Table
Customer Satisfaction: Good

Believe it or not, but water tables can be especially fun in the wintertime. Pour a bucket of fresh snow into the tub and you’ve got a perfect place for kids to play.

A Small Boy Playing With A Water Table.

They can create their own winter landscape with cups, spoons, and shovels, which will help stimulate sensory development. Set it up outside during a play date with friends to promote sharing and social skills.

This water table is affordable and easy to assemble, which is a double-win for parents.

In addition to using it in the snow, you can also fill the ToyVelt Water Table with sand, foam, and beads. This versatile toy will be useful in any season.

Note: If you decide to use beads or any other small object in the water basin, monitor young children prone to putting things in their mouths.

19. Snow Skis For Kids

Ages: 3+ (even adults can use these)
Price: $
Buy Here: Snow Skis For Kids
Customer Satisfaction: Okay

An often overlooked (but awesome) sport is nordic skiing. Why not get your little ones into a challenging but rewarding sport right from the get-go?

Grab your kids a pair of snow skis that will help them practice their skills while gliding over the snow.

Four Skis Standing On End With Two Nordic Skis On The Ground With Snow Boots For Kids.

Team Magnus Snow Skis For Kids are some of the best outdoor winter toys because they are unique. Very few kids learn the skill of nordic skiing.

These skis are made from durable, lightweight material, which is easy for little ones to carry around. The snow skis are expertly crafted and great for beginners and more advanced kids. In fact, the US Nordic Federation uses these skis for their young athletes.

Your kids will learn balance, coordination, agility, and speed while having a blast in your own backyard.

Note: These boots can be used by children as young as three and adults up to size ten shoe simply because these skis strap to your snow boots. This makes them extremely easy to use and it’s possible for them to grow alongside your children since they’ll be able to use them year after year.

20. SnowSkate Board

Ages: 7+
Price: $
Buy Here: SnowSkate Board
Customer Satisfaction: Very Good

Have a few adventurous kiddos in your family? Then they’ll love the SnowSkate Board by Slopedeck.

Snowskate Boards Are One Of The Best Outdoor Winter Toys For Kids Who Like Extreme Sports.

They’ll be able to master their balance and coordination while exploring your neighborhood.

We love this snowskate because it’s designed with kids in mind, has a lightweight design that makes it easy for them to carry around, and is great for beginners as well as more experienced riders.

Thanks to its affordable price, this outdoor winter toy offers a lot of value. The quality of the board is also exceptional and can be used in various settings and types of snow.

Note: We recommend having your children wear helmets while playing with this snowskate. Falling and hitting your head on ice never ends well.

21. Winter Snow Tube

Ages: 3+ (with supervision)
Price: $
Buy Here: Winter Snow Tube
Customer Satisfaction: Very Good

This tube by GoFloats is one of the best outdoor winter toys because it’s inexpensive and can be used on snow or water. It can also be used by kids or adults, which makes it even more versatile.

A Young Adult Female Sitting In A Unicorn Snow Tube.

We love this unicorn tube because it has handles for easy carrying and inflates quickly with a rapid-fill valve. And unlike most tubes, GoFloats uses durable material, so it should last through many winters.

And in the off-chance your tube takes a hit from a root or tree, they’ve included a repair patch kit so that you can continue to use your inflatable.

These tubes also come as ice dragons, polar bears, penguins, and flamingos. Thanks to these fun designs, your backyard will be the hit of the neighborhood all winter long.

22. PlayMobil Snow Plow

Ages: 4 to 9 years
Price: $
Buy Here: PlayMobil Snow Plow
Customer Satisfaction: Very Good

The PlayMobil Snow Plow is a fun-filled winter toy for kids that lets them build their own snow plows by attaching the pieces from the kit. Both boys and girls will enjoy plowing the snow and helping “stuck” cars get out of the ditch.

Playmobil Snow Plow For Kids.

This snowplow is perfect for younger kids ages four to nine. For younger children, be sure to monitor them since there are small pieces that pose a choking hazard.

Playmobil did a wonderful job including all of the necessary parts for this toy: a crane, a plow blade, a roller, tools, thermos, a radio, and more.

With so many options, it’s no wonder why this toy can easily persuade kids to play outside in the snow.

23. Create A Castle Snow Molds

Ages: 6+
Price: $
Buy Here: Create A Castle Snow Molds
Customer Satisfaction: Good

Let your kids build snow castles as big as Elsa’s with these castle snow molds. The set includes six different molds that can create a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs.

It also comes with a backpack so that it’s easy to carry to the backyard or any other playing area.

Snow Molds For Building Great Winter Forts For Kids.

These molds are simple to use; start by closing the molds and filling them with snow. After packing in as much snow as you can, release the clasps. Your mold will be ready to place onto your snow castle.

In our opinion, this is a good outdoor winter toy for the entire family to enjoy. Have every pitch in to help make the coolest snow castle your kiddos have ever seen.

The Create A Castle brand has extremely helpful video tutorials on its website to help you build the biggest and best castles in the neighborhood.

24. Bike Snow Ski Attachments

Ages: 18 months to 5 years
Price: $
Buy Here: Bike Snow Ski Attachments
Customer Satisfaction: Excellent

For your little ones ages five and younger, consider these attachable snow skis to turn their bike into a winter ride. The ski attachments are made of durable plastic that is extremely easy to attach to any toddler or young child’s bike; no tools are necessary.

Bike Ski Attachments For Kids In The Winter.

This outdoor winter toy allows kids the freedom to explore snowy terrain while still having control over where they’re going during those early years when balance isn’t perfect yet.

These bike ski attachments by Strider will make our little ones feel like they are riding on a snowmobile or you can bring them along to the local sledding hill. We recommend using them on smaller hills where your child can still manage their speed.

Note: Always have your child wear a helmet when riding a bicycle, even in the snow.

25. 40-Pack Snowballs For Kids

Ages: 3+
Price: $
Buy Here: 40-Pack Snowballs For Kids
Customer Satisfaction: Excellent

We all know snowballs are a huge hit during winter; snowball fights have never gone out of style. And to make things even more fun, why not throw some pre-made snowballs into the mix?

This 40-pack of snowballs by AliKids Store is one of the best additions to your outdoor winter toys bin. They are perfect for spur-of-the-moment snowball fights amongst siblings or the entire family.

40 Faux Snowballs That Are Perfect For Playing Outdoors In The Winter Time.

AliKids Store recommends this bucket of pre-made snowballs for kids ages 3+. Not only will it provide hours of fun, but it will help them build their gross motor skills.

And the best part of all? You don’t have to worry about tears. These snowballs are made of soft material, but they feel like real snow!

Reuse them over and over and when they get dirty, throw them into the washing machine. It’s as easy as that. Busy parents will especially love the convenience of these faux snowballs.

26. SnoFling Snowball Thrower

Ages: 2+
Price: $
Buy Here: SnoFling Snowball Thrower
Customer Satisfaction: Very Good

Let’s make snowball fights fairer for young kids, shall we? With a SnoFling Snowball Thrower, your little ones will be able to practice their throwing skills while participating in an exciting game of snowball fight.

SnoFling Snowball Throwers With A Small Boy Playing With One.

Not only do they give your younger children confidence in their throwing abilities, but they will be able to practice their gross motor skills while keeping their hands and gloves dry.

We especially love that these snowball throwers are constructed from heavy-duty plastic, so you can expect them to last for years.

Choose from four different colors based on your kids’ preferences and enjoy these outdoor winter toys as an entire family.

Note: You can even use these snowball throwers for your dogs. They will love chasing the snowballs you toss for them.

27. Scavenger Hunt Games

Ages: 4 to 8 years
Price: $
Buy Here: Scavenger Hunt Games
Customer Satisfaction: Good

Imagine a scavenger hunt.. but in a winter wonderland. Exciting thought, right? Even for us adults! But for your kids, this will be an even more exciting event and an awesome way to spend a cold winter day.

A Scavenger Hunt Box That is One of The Best Outdoor Winter Toys For Kids.

Team up the littles and the bigs so that the game can run smoothly and fairly and set the kids on a quest to find all of the clues in your snowy backyard.

Gotrovo has included over 80 clues in this scavenger hunt game, which means it will be an entertaining activity over and over again.

You’ll especially love to see that to succeed with this game, your kids must learn to work together and share ideas. So not only will they be having fun, but they’ll be developing their critical thinking skills.

The Gotrovo Scavenger Hunt Seek ‘N’ Build is an award-winning game for its scientific, educational, and rewarding gameplay.

28. Monster Feet Walking Toy

Ages: 5+
Price: $
Buy Here: Monster Walking Feet
Customer Satisfaction: Very Good

Sure, these Monster Feet by Toysmith are great for indoor play. But did you know they can also be used outside during the winter? They are perfect for little ones that want to play in uneven snow and large snowdrifts.

Two Green Monster Feet.

For less than $20, this toy is great for kids who have been begging to go out into the snowy fields. With these giant Monster Feet, they’ll be able to enjoy all that winter has to offer.

Parents everywhere love these Monster Feet because they are budget-friendly, easy to use, and keep kids active. They’ll also improve their balancing skills.

Toysmith states that this toy is best used by children ages five and older, but most parents agree that younger kids will enjoy this outdoor winter toy as well. Be sure to offer support and parental supervision for any little ones using these Monster Feet.

29. The Snow Sculpture Bag

Ages: 7+
Price: $
Buy Here: The Snow Sculpture Bag
Customer Satisfaction: Excellent

The Snow Sculpture Bag is a great toy for kids who love to build snowmen, snow palaces and other winter wonders.

Kids have fun scooping up snow and packing it into their bag until they’re ready to create their next masterpiece.

A Blue Snow Sculpture Bag Filled With Snow.

The Snow Sculpture Bag creates snow cylinders that reach 5 feet tall, making it possible to build massive snow forts. We fully believe this is one of the best outdoor winter toys that can entice the entire family to get outside.

Since this sculpture bag makes such large snow figures, it’s recommended for children ages seven and older. Younger children may have difficulty using this without help from an adult.

Confused about how the Snow Sculpture Bag works? Check out their detailed video below:

30. Steerable Snow Sled

Ages: For adults, children, and toddlers (with adult supervision)
Price: $$$
Buy Here: Steerable Snow Sled
Customer Satisfaction: Excellent

Likely one of the top outdoor winter toys on our list is the Yukon Hammerhead Pro Steerable Snow Sled. This toy is designed for kids who love to go fast.

With the ability to race down any snow hill, this toy will have your child outside in the winter in no time.

Steerable Snow Sled With Skis For Kids.

This epic sled has a precise steering system that makes it easy to maneuver around obstacles.

Kids rave about how awesome the Yukon Hammerhead Pro Steerable Snow Sled is and we couldn’t agree more. If you’re looking for the highest quality sled that will provide excitement for years, you can’t go wrong with this model.

Since this sled is so fast, the manufacturer recommends that children wear helmets while riding down hills.

Note: The price point for this sled is much higher than the typical plastic sleds you would find at your local store; However, it is definitely worth the extra money.

31. Snow Runner Bike Sled

Ages: 12 years and under
Price: $-$$
Buy Here: Snow Runner Bike Sled
Customer Satisfaction: Very Good

Upgrade your kids from a snow sled to a bike sled. With the Snow Runner by RYDR, kids can enjoy the season with a new and improved way to get down the sledding hill.

Blue Snow Runner Bike Sled For Kids.

Bike sleds are continuously rated as one of the most exciting outdoor winter toys on the market and for good reason! Watch as your kids wiz down the hill with the capabilities of steering and stopping when necessary.

Rest assured your kids will be safe while riding on the Sno Runner Bike Sled, thanks to its steel frame and heavy-duty skis.

However, keep in mind that the manufacturing company, RYDR, recommends this bike sled for children under 12 years old due to the 88-pound weight capacity.

Note: The bike sled will come in several pieces, but setting it up is straightforward and easy.

DIY Outdoor Winter Toys

Ice Cream Bucket The ideal solution to building an incredible snow castle or igloo. Ice cream buckets serve a bigger purpose than just storing ice cream.

Scarf, Carrot, Rocks – Whatever is lying around the house will work splendidly for a DIY snowman.

Ice Cream Scooper Along the same lines as the ice cream bucket, an ice cream scooper is also a great outdoor winter toy. Use your ice cream scooper to form some of the best snowballs for an awesome snowball fight.

Cardboard Box – What worked 50 years ago still works today! Grab a cardboard box from storage and let your kids go wild with it as they cruise down snow hills.

Spray Bottles – When it hits freezing temperatures, pull out the spray bottles for the kids to create their own snow. Believe it or not, when the temperature is low enough, the water from the spray bottle will transform into snow.

A Final Note: Outdoor Winter Toys

It’s winter and kids are going stir crazy inside. But, it doesn’t have to be that way!

We know you’re likely on a budget, but you still want to make sure your kids get their fill of outdoor time no matter what the weather is like outside. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of 31 best outdoor winter toys for kids so they can stay active in any type of climate – even when it gets cold or snowy out there.

Use this list to your advantage and get the kids up and moving all winter long.

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