4 Best Trampoline Repair Kits For 2022

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Looking for the best trampoline repair kit? You’ve come to the right place!

If you have never jumped, bounced, done a somersault, or just laid on a trampoline at night looking up at the star-filled skies, then you are truly missing out on one of the most exhilarating backyard experiences there is.  

As with all backyard recreation equipment, toys, and structures, sometimes a repair is needed. With your trampoline constantly sitting under the sun’s UV rays, rain, and snow, it is not surprising that a tear or a hole may eventually develop in the fabric.

This blog post will review some top-notch repair kits and answer the most common questions surrounding a ripped or torn trampoline mat.

4 Best Trampoline Repair Kits

One of the most common trampoline problems is tears in the fabric. A repair kit can help you cover the damaged section of the mat.

Trampolines are not all created equally, so the repair kits come in different varieties for trampolines with varying diameters and materials. We are going to look at the four most common and best trampoline repair kits below:

1. JBam Trampoline Circle Patch Repair Kit

The JBam Trampoline Circle Patch Repair Kit is straightforward to use and has excellent reviews from customers. The kit includes all of the materials you will need to complete the repair on your trampoline mat.  

When completing the repair, be sure to do so in temperatures between 70ºF (21ºC) and 90ºF (32ºC). This will ensure that the glue successfully sticks to the fabric patch and trampoline mat.

If you follow the directions, the repair should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. If you have more than one tear or hole, you can purchase a 2-pack repair kit. 


✅ Affordable

Easy to use and comes with everything you need to repair your trampoline mat

Strong polypropylene woven fabric patches


The glue is highly flammable

Can only be completed in temperatures between 70’F/21’C and 90’F/32’C

❌ Only guaranteed for tears smaller than 2.75 inches

Check prices for JBam Trampoline Circle Patch Repair Kit on Amazon here!

2. JBam Trampoline Square Patch Repair Kit

Like the JBam Circle Patch Repair Kit, the JBam Trampoline Square Patch Repair Kit is also reliable. It comes with all the materials and tools needed to repair a hole or tear in your trampoline mat completely.

The JBam Square Patch Repair Kit can accommodate and repair a hole or tear up to 3 inches in diameter or length. In contrast, the JBam Circle Trampoline Repair Kit only accommodates holes up to 2.75 inches in diameter.

Be sure to follow all of the directions included with the trampoline repair kit for best results.


✅ Affordable

The 4-inch x 4-inch square patches have been designed with rounded corners to prevent catching and peeling up after they have been applied

Easy to use and comes with everything you need to repair your trampoline mat


❌ The glue is highly flammable

❌ Can only be completed in temperatures between 70ºF (21ºC) and 90ºF (32ºC)

Only guaranteed for tears smaller than 3 inches in diameter or length

Check prices for JBan Trampoline Square Patch Repair Kit on Amazon here!

3. Galactic Xtreme Trampoline Mat Repair Kit

The Galactic Xtreme Trampoline Mat Repair Kit will complete your repair for tears or holes up to a maximum of 2 inches in length or diameter.  

The unique marine-grade glue has more tensile strength than the original mat to hold as strong as the original patched spot.

This patch kit requires a patch on the top and the bottom surface of the hole or tear.  This will maximize the strength and integrity of the compromised area of the mat.   


Waterproof marine glue

Each round patch is laser cut to prevent fraying

Fast and easy application

✅ Tested and approved for commercial grade trampolines


Slightly more expensive than the JBam repair kits

For cuts or tears only up to a maximum of 2 inches

Check prices for Galactic Xtreme Trampoline Mat Repair Kit on Amazon here!

4. Bear Claw Trampoline Repair Kit

The Bear Claw Trampoline Repair Kit is one of the largest patches we have found thus far.  Although it is a whopping 8-inch x 8-inch patch, it still only accommodates holes up to 2 inches in diameter but will adequately cover and patch a tear of up to 3.5 inches.  

With over 800 positive reviews, this is a solid product to get you and your children back to jumping and having safe fun again on your trampoline.  


Great price

Easy and quick application

✅ 8-inch x 8-inch patches to accommodate up to 3.5-inch tears


Larger holes may require stitching with upholstery thread before the application of the patch kit.

Corners are not rounded off, which could cause peeling and detachment

Check prices for Bear Claw Trampoline Repair Kit on Amazon here!

Do I Need A Trampoline Repair Kit?

Owning a backyard trampoline is one of the best recreational pieces of equipment a family can own. With that ownership, however, comes a great deal of responsibility and a certain degree of risk.

To ensure that your children continue to have fun and avoid any severe injuries, it is paramount that the trampoline stays in a safe condition.  

When a tear occurs in the trampoline mat, not only does it affect its functionality, but it becomes hazardous to anyone who dares jump on it. Trampoline repair kits are always good to have on hand.

Even more so, having a repair kit could save you a lot of money by avoiding replacing the mat altogether due to a small hole or tear.

Is It Possible To Repair A Rip In A Trampoline?

The quick answer here is yes. Just because you have a tear or a hole through your trampoline mat doesn’t mean it is time to retire it and purchase a new one.

There are many varieties of repair kits, and most of them are easy and quick to complete. Most repairs are easy, as long as the hole or tear is within the limitations of the repair kit you have purchased. Your trampoline mat should be as good as new in no time.

Bird's Eye View of A Trampoline In A Backyard After A Repair.

However, there are limitations to trampoline mat repairs. The age of the mat, the location of the tear, and the size of the tear will determine the diagnosis.

Old, dry-rotted, and brittle trampoline mats are typically not ideal candidates for a patch repair. The glue may not sufficiently adhere to the outer mat well enough to hold the patch.

The diameter or length of the hole is another factor to consider when repairing your trampoline mat. If the hole or tear is larger than the recommended size mentioned by the repair kit, then you should strongly consider replacing the trampoline mat altogether.

Trampoline Repair Kits: Know Before You Buy 

Before you go jumping and bouncing on a torn or ripped trampoline, here are a few things you should keep in mind to have the safest experience possible.

Know What You Need To Repair

When purchasing a trampoline repair kit, it’s essential to know what you will be repairing on your trampoline. Knowing what components of your trampoline are damaged or malfunctioning helps you choose the right parts or repair kit for you.

Know Your Limitations To Repairing Your Trampoline

A simple and small tear or hole in your trampoline mat is a quick and easy repair. Sewing up a hole in your safety net can be a simple repair with some upholstery thread and needles. Even the spring covers that may get torn or destroyed can be an inexpensive and quick repair with a simple pool noodle cut to accommodate the spring.  

A Girl Jumping On A Trampoline.

However, sometimes a trampoline repair requires a more specific set of skills and equipment.

You should never try to repair a damaged spring or structural part of the trampoline frame if you do not both possess the skills and proper equipment to do so. Safety is far more important than saving a few dollars by paying someone to complete a repair for you.  

Not All Trampoline Repair Kits Are Created Equally

Whether you have a hole or tear in your trampoline mat, a tear in your safety net, or even a buckle has pulled loose from the spring, knowing ahead of time which repair kit is best for your trampoline is key to a lasting repair.

Be sure that the materials used in the repair kit are compatible with your specific trampoline. Before using your kit, it’s essential to learn how to do so effectively. Although you may have completed a trampoline mat repair in the past, the application process isn’t the same for all repair kits. Read and follow the included instructions carefully.

Do not hesitate to spend a few more dollars on a repair kit with better customer reviews and higher quality materials. The integrity of the repair on your trampoline translates to the safety of those using it for fun.

Tips To Avoid Rips and Tears In Your Trampoline Mat

Although tears and rips can happen, there are ways to avoid damage in the future. Here are our best tips for avoiding this in the future:

✔ Identify Where The Trampoline Mat Is Tearing

If the trampoline mat tear starts at one point and gradually expands, the damage was probably caused by overuse.

A Little Boy Doing The Superman Pose On A Trampoline.

But, if it tears while the trampoline’s springs are still in good condition, the damage was probably caused by misuse of the trampoline. Be aware and adhere to the recommended weight limits of the user(s) at one time.

Use Safety Tools To Prevent Trampoline Damage

If the damage was caused by overuse, invest in appropriate trampoline accessories to prevent this from happening in the future. There are many tools and accessories on the market that will help you preserve your trampoline.

✔ Buy The Right Trampoline Mat For Your Trampoline

Trampoline mat brands and types vary, so you should know the differences between them and which mat is best for your situation.

If you use your trampoline every day or even once per week, consider buying a mat designed to last longer under heavy use. Certain trampoline mats are made of material that is more resistant to wear and tear.

✔  Never Jump On Your Trampoline With Shoes On

Besides the fact that it is a sanitary issue, you should never allow anyone to play, walk, or jump on your trampoline mat with shoes on.  

Although the bottom of tennis shoes may be soft, they can still grip the trampoline material and increase the probability of a tear. In addition, boots and hard-soled shoes are highly likely to cause a hole or tear in the mat material.

✔ Do Not Allow Toys Not Designed For Trampoline Use

As a kid, I loved to play with countless toys on our trampoline. Thinking back, I can think of a few times where playing with my toys on the trampoline may have caused abrasions and a hole or two.  

A Person Jumping High On A Trampoline.

While toys may be enjoyable while playing on a trampoline, it is not only a hazard to the trampoline mat’s integrity, but it could also cause injury.

Therefore, only incorporate toys and accessories that are approved and designed specifically for trampolines. 

✔  Keep Your Trampoline Mat Covered When Not In Use

Having a trampoline cover is not something you see all that often. However, they are an excellent accessory for protecting your trampoline from harmful UV sun rays, rain, and snow.

Keeping the mat protected from the elements will ensure it stays clean, pliable, and usable for much longer.  

The trampoline mat cover will also protect it from the occasional falling branches and debris that may land on the surface. Relatively inexpensive, a trampoline mat protective cover is a wise investment. 

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Trampoline Repair Kits: Frequently Asked Questions

If you have never owned a trampoline and are considering purchasing one for yourself or your family, then, like most people, you may have a few questions about owning one.  

If you are like us, you are already thinking ahead and want to be proactive if something unfortunate happens to your trampoline mat.

We have highlighted some of the most common questions about trampoline repair kits:

How Does A Trampoline Repair Kit Work?

Unfortunately, not all trampolines are super durable, so there is a chance that they will eventually get ripped or torn. Luckily, trampoline repair kits are an easy solution. These kits come with everything you need to repair your trampoline mat, including patching material, sandpaper, glue, and instructions.

If your trampoline is still relatively new, it may be under warranty, so check the warranty before attempting to repair it.

Let’s assume your trampoline has gone past its introductory warranty period and is no longer under warranty. Don’t worry; trampoline repair is still a very viable option. After following the included instructions of your repair kit, you should have a trampoline that is good as new.

Application is simple for most trampoline repair kits:

How To Repair A Trampoline Mat With A Repair Kit: Step-By-Step

✔ Clean the affected area with soap and water and allow it to dry completely before doing repairs. 

✔Apply the trampoline patch glue onto the top patch and press onto the top surface of the mat. 

✔ Repeat the above steps for the bottom patch. 

✔ Be sure to cover all of the patch areas with glue.  

✔ Apply more glue on the top of the surface of the applied patch. Be sure to cover the edges of the patch liberally. 

✔ Repeat the above steps for the bottom patch. 

✔ Wait at least 24 hours for the glue and patch to completely dry. 

✔Depending on the repair kit and the recommended repair steps for your particular mat, you may consider repairing both the upper or top and the lower or bottom of the trampoline mat. 

By repairing both the top and bottom of the tear or hole, you reinforce that weakened mat area with a double-sided patch. This will ensure that the threading in the mat will not continue to fray or “stretch” when it is under the duress of someone jumping and stretching that material when used.  

Do I Use A Trampoline Repair Kit To Fix My Spring Pad?

The spring pad is the protective covering over your springs that attach your trampoline mat to the frame.  The spring pad usually covers the trampoline frame as well.

The purpose of the spring pad is to protect the user from landing on the springs or trampoline frame and injuring themselves.  So, when the spring pad becomes torn or damaged, then it’s vital that you repair it.

A Trampoline With Spring Covers.

A trampoline repair kit is typically designed to repair a hole or tear in the mat, not the spring pad.  

To repair a damaged spring pad would require a different approach. We have seen people use a pool noodle cut to fit over the springs and the trampoline frame. This is effective because it will protect the jumper from landing and making direct contact with the metal springs and metal trampoline frame.

But, depending on the extent of the tear or damage, you may want to replace your spring pad to keep jumpers from falling in between the gaps. Safety should always supersede expense.   

Do I Use A Trampoline Repair Kit To Fix A Hole In My Net?

Is it possible to repair a trampoline safety net with a repair kit?

The quick answer is no. Most repair kits are designed to patch a hole or tear in the trampoline mat, not the safety net.

Some net repair kits are available, but the best solution is to repair it yourself with some fishing line, upholstery thread, and an upholstery needle.

Should I Replace My Trampoline Mat?

If your trampoline has a significant hole or tear in it, replacing the mat is encouraged. The safety of your children, neighborhood kids, and friends is far too important than the cost to replace the mat.  

Suppose you have a trampoline that goes through several seasons. In that case, you might want to consider replacing the mat every few years as well, especially after winter when your trampoline mat usually doesn’t see much action.

A Little Girl Laying On A Trampoline After It Was Repaired.

Likewise, if you notice that your trampoline mat is becoming dry-rotted, then it is a good idea to replace it altogether. Being exposed to UV rays and harsh weather will eventually break down your mat. Jumping on a weak and brittle trampoline is never safe.

Conclusion: Best Trampoline Repair Kit

Trampolines can take a beating throughout the year as the weather and seasons change. That’s why repair kits are so valuable to trampoline owners. The last thing you want is for your trampoline to lose its bounce and become unsafe for jumping; that leads to less fun and more injuries.

With all the trampoline repair kits available, it’s important to do your own research for the best kit for your trampoline and the required type of repair.

All four of the repair kits we have reviewed above are easy to use with clear instructions, which means you can save a lot of money by completing the trampoline repairs yourself. 

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