150+ Simon Says Ideas For Kids

Kids Playing Simon Says.

Simon Says is a fun and exciting game that kids of all ages can enjoy. Whether you spend time playing with your family members or friends, likely the best aspect of Simon Says is that there are hundreds of commands and ideas that can be used in this game, which adds variety and ensures that the game remains fresh every time you play.

150+ Simon Says Ideas

While there is seemingly an endless number of Simon Says ideas that you can use in your next game, the following provides you with 150 great ideas that are funny and somewhat challenging.

There are also numerous ideas that can be used specifically when playing Simon Says with younger kids.

Funny Simon Says Ideas

1. Simon says do an exercise.

2. Simon says touch your nose.

Mom and daughter play Simon Says game.

3. Simon says move around like a monkey.

4. Simon says stand up.

5. Simon says sit down.

6. Simon says touch your elbow.

7. Simon says make an amusing face.

8. Simon says laugh.

9. Simon says don’t move for one minute.

10. Simon says yell “I’m crazy.”.

11. Simon says pretend that you’re lifting a heavy box.

12. Simon says make a scary face.

13. Simon says make an angry face.

14. Simon says tickle your nearest friend.

A Family Tickling Each Other As A Simon Says Idea.

15. Simon says pretend to sneeze.

16. Simon says wink at your friend.

17. Simon says balance on one foot while clapping.

18. Simon says pretend to honk a car horn.

19. Simon says move around in slow motion.

Little Boy Playing Simon Says.

20. Simon says walk like an older person.

21. Simon says hop on one foot.

22. Simon says move like a zombie.

23. Simon says pretend that you’re speaking to an audience.

24. Simon says impersonate your favorite teacher.

25. Simon says act like you’re lifting weights.

26. Simon says act like a nurse.

27. Simon says pretend that you’ve eaten very spicy food.

28. Simon says pretend that you’re climbing stairs.

29. Simon says pretend that you’re riding a horse.

30. Simon says act like you’re throwing a football.

31. Simon says act like you’re dribbling a basketball.

32. Simon says act like you’re swinging a baseball bat.

33. Simon says leap as far as you can.

34. Simon says act bossy.

35. Simon says be a king.

Pretend To Be A King, Simon Says Ideas.

36. Simon says speak sea anemone.

37. Simon says say tomato.

38. Simon says put your hands in your pockets.

39. Simon says speak like a baby.

40. Simon says try to breakdance.

41. Simon says do a somersault.

42. Simon says pretend that you’re a cow by mooing.

43. Simon says act like you’re dunking a basketball.

44. Simon says imitate your dad.

45. Simon says imitate your mom.

46. Simon says laugh while your mouth is closed.

47. Simon says smile without showing your teeth.

Little Girl Smiling With Flower.

48. Simon says bow your head.

49. Simon says act like you’re taking a picture.

50. Simon says be a police siren.

51. Simon says whistle.

52. Simon says march in place.

53. Simon says hiss like a snake.

54. Simon says sing the ABC song.

55. Simon says drive an invisible car.

56. Simon says make a large frown.

Kids Making Large Frowns As One of the Best Simon Says Ideas.

57. Simon says reach towards the sky.

58. Simon says cheer like your team is winning.

59. Simon says make a ringing noise.

60. Simon says take a deep breath.

Tricky Simon Says Ideas

61. Simon says lift your feet as high as possible.

62. Simon says waddle around like a penguin.

63. Simon says draw a picture with your feet.

64. Simon says pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time.

65. Simon says sing your favorite song.

Two Girls Singing.

66. Simon says stand on one foot for 30 seconds.

67. Simon says walk around on your knees.

68. Simon says speak a word in a foreign language.

69. Simon says walk backwards.

70. Simon says touch your feet.

71. Simon says copy what your friend is doing.

72. Simon says do a karate kick.

Little Boy Jumping From Couch As A Superhero.

73. Simon says act like a worm.

74. Simon says do a somersault.

75. Simon says climb an invisible ladder.

76. Simon says touch your left shoulder with your left hand.

77. Simon says pretend to talk on a smartphone.

78. Simon says pretend to paint.

79. Simon says count from 150-200 in one minute or less.

80. Simon says jog in a circle.

Kids Running - One of the Best Simon Says Ideas.

81. Simon says run in place for one minute.

82. Simon says do 10 jumping jacks in 15 seconds.

83. Simon says speak to a virtual crowd.

84. Simon says say hippopotamus three times.

85. Simon says play an air piano.

86. Simon says try to do the cha-cha dance.

87. Simon says move like a robot.

88. Simon says spin around in a circle before stopping in the same spot.

89. Simon says act like a weather presenter.

90. Simon says reenact a scene from your favorite movie.

Kids Frightened.

Simon Says Ideas For Little Kids

91. Simon says clap your hands.

92. Simon says cover one eye with your hand.

93. Simon says wiggle your finger.

94. Simon says slither around like a snake.

95. Simon says stomp in a circle.

96. Simon says make a surprised face.

Kids With Surprised Faces As A Simon Says Idea.

97. Simon says bark like a dog.

98. Simon says bend your knees.

99. Simon says do a karate chop.

100. Simon says jump three times.

Two Girls Jumping In The Air During Simon Says.

101. Simon says snap your fingers.

102. Simon says smell your feet.

103. Simon says pretend to brush your teeth.

104. Simon says shake your head back and forth.

105. Simon says scratch your nose.

106. Simon says do a salute.

107. Simon says jump around like a kangaroo.

108. Simon says scratch your forehead.

109. Simon says shake like jello.

110. Simon says sit down on the grass.

Boy Laying In The Grass During Simon Says Game.

111. Simon says stand in pairs.

112. Simon says pretend to comb your hair.

113. Simon says swing your arms back and forth.

114. Simon says flap your arms like a chicken.

115. Simon says be your favorite superhero.

116. Simon says do a Santa Claus laugh.

117. Simon says pretend that you’re swimming.

118. Simon says stick your tongue out.

119. Simon says give a thumbs up.

120. Simon says count to five.

A Hand Holding Up Three Fingers.

121. Simon says spell your name.

122. Simon says walk like a duck.

123. Simon says do a wacky dance.

124. Simon says turn around.

125. Simon says take your shoes off.

126. Simon says pretend that you’re drinking hot chocolate.

127. Simon says walk in a straight line for 10 feet.

128. Simon says touch another player.

129. Simon says make your scariest face.

Kids Are Making Scary Faces.

130. Simon says pretend to cast a spell with a magic wand.

131. Simon says lie down on your back.

132. Simon says make the sound a train makes.

133. Simon says yawn.

134. Simon says spell your favorite color.

135. Simon says pretend to pick your nose.

Little Boy Picking His Nose.

136. Simon says meow like a cat.

137. Simon says act like you’re eating something.

138. Simon says sing like a rooster.

139. Simon says make a sheep sound.

140. Simon says act like you’re sweeping the floor.

141. Simon says act like you’re a mad scientist.

142. Simon says point to something blue.

143. Simon says pretend to cry.

Little Girl Fake Crying During Simon Says Game.

144. Simon says roar like a lion.

145. Simon says pretend that you’re cold.

146. Simon says whisper your name.

147. Simon says look to your left.

148. Simon says look to your right.

149. Simon says look up.

150. Simon says look down.

How To Play Simon Says

When you’re in the mood to play Simon Says, it should only take a few minutes for you and anyone else who’s playing to understand the rules and guidelines on how to play the game.

Keep in mind that this game can be played practically anywhere. Even if you’re taking a long car ride with some friends, Simon Says is a great game to play as long as you use ideas that don’t require a lot of mobility.

Simon Says requires at least three people to play. However, there’s no limit to the number of people who are allowed to play the game at the same time. In fact, the game tends to become more chaotic and fun when ten or more players join in.

To begin, designate one person as Simon. Everyone else is referred to as a player.

Simon will give commands to players and tell them what to do. Whenever Simon gives a command, you’ll need to react quickly.

Note: To make things easier, print out our list of Simon Says ideas so that you always have commands.

The person who plays the game as Simon will begin most commands with “Simon says”. For instance, the command could be something like “Simon says touch your forehead”.

Little Kids Sitting In A Circle Playing A Game.

✔ When you hear “Simon says” at the beginning of a sentence, it’s important that you follow the command immediately.

On the other hand, the individual playing as Simon can choose to begin sentences without mentioning “Simon says”.

✔ If Simon tells you to sing without first saying “Simon says”, don’t start singing. When a player performs a command that doesn’t begin with “Simon says”, they are then out of the game and won’t be able to play again until another player wins.

The goal when playing this game is to stay in the game as long as you can. The last player to remain in the game will be the winner, after which they will be named Simon for the next round.

When you play as Simon, your primary goal will be to trick the other players into following your commands even when you don’t begin the command with “Simon Says”. Make sure that you speak your commands as quickly as possible.

Since the players must react immediately, giving your commands quickly increases the likelihood that one of the players will make a mistake.

How Do You Trick Someone In Simon Says?

As mentioned earlier, the goal for anyone who plays as Simon during the game is to use ideas that trick the other players into making mistakes, which can be more difficult than it might seem at first glance. You want to be able to trick as many players as you can in a short period of time, which means that misdirection is key.

Among the more effective tricks is to tell players to close their eyes before telling them to touch their toes.

Little Boy Closing His Eyes As A Simon Says Idea.

Even if you say “Simon says” both times, many players make the mistake of opening their eyes before performing your next command. However, you never told them that they could open their eyes, which means that anyone who did so would be out of the game until the next round.

You could also increase the possibility that players make mistakes by speeding up whenever possible.

Consider starting the game by using your Simon Says ideas at a slow and measured pace. As you go along, speed up your commands to get players out of rhythm. You can vary your commands by including one without “Simon says” between two others that have included the phrase.

Anything you can think of that will confuse other players should be used when you’re playing as Simon.

It’s possible that you’ll be playing with friends or family members that are “experts” at Simon Says, which means that tricking these individuals will be more difficult than usual.

Little Kids Playing Simon Says.

One option is to say something that sounds like “Simon says”, which could be “Lyman says”. If any players aren’t listening carefully to the commands you’re giving, they could make a critical mistake. With these tips in mind, you should be able to trick most of the players you face.

How Do You Make Simon Says Fun?

For many people who play, Simon Says is automatically a fun and exciting game that has ample amounts of variety to keep things fresh. However, there are several things you can do to make the game even more fun and enjoyable.

For instance, you should think about using Simon Says ideas that make people act like different animals, sing songs, or imitate people. Having players pretend to walk upstairs or lift a heavy box is a great way to make the game hilarious.

Simon Says With A Twist

There are several variations you can add to the standard Simon Says game if you want to make the game more varied each time you play.

For one, you could use a strike system to determine who gets ruled out for the game. If you play Simon Says like baseball, each player would have three strikes before they are called out. This can lengthen the game and make it more interesting when playing with several people.

Another variation involves using a specific theme for the game. Let’s say that you’re playing Simon Says during the Fourth of July. Simon could be called Uncle Sam during the game. You could also choose Simon Says ideas that are related to the Fourth of July or Americana in general.

Little Kids Running.

Among the more common variations for Simon Says involves implementing sports activities into the game, which can turn Simon Says into a more fun and active game. If your kids are getting into their teenage years, this variation can get them interested in playing Simon Says. Each round you play can incorporate a different sport.

For instance, it’s possible to play a volleyball version of Simon Says.

In this situation, every command would be related to volleyball. These Simon Says ideas could include blocking, diving, shuffling, and playing defense. When Simon gives the command “Simon says dive for the volleyball.”, every player should then pretend to dive for the ball.

Fun Simon Says Games Online

If you want to learn how to play Simon Says but don’t have anyone to play with at the moment, there are plenty of online Simon Says games that you can try out.

The Word Game Time website includes a fun Simon Says game that tasks you with clicking a picture that corresponds with the action you’re being told to do. If Simon tells you to touch your toes, you will select the cartoon image of someone touching their toes. This game can be found here.

Another basic yet fun Simon Says game is available at the Math Is Fun website.

In this game, you’ll need to identify which colors the computer selects before you click on the colors that correspond with the sequence you saw. You can find this Simon Says game here.

A Final Note: Simon Says Ideas

Simon Says is one of those classic games that practically everyone can enjoy. You can play the game indoors, in a car, in your backyard, or with 50 people.

Simon Says is also very easy to learn, which means that you can start playing this game with your kids when they’re young.

The sheer variety of Simon Says ideas ensures that every round will be different than the last. The only limit to the amount of fun you and the other players have is your imagination.

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